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Our Background

Mesa Computer Technologies Limited (MCT), was incorporated as a private limited company by shares on 20th June 2020. Mesa Computer Technologies Limited is wholly Zambian owned and managed by Zambians and other Business Partners


To provide cost effective IT services and products to the ordinary Zambian public and highly competitive prices ICT services and products to our corporate customers keeping in mind quality, efficiency and high standards.


To be an Information Technology (ITC) solution of choice, ICT collaborates in choice, employer of choice and to be the leading supplier and installer of Information Technology in the country.

Our Values

Dedication to our client’s needs

Pursuit of excellence motivates our hard work

Passion for technology instills in us a sense of accountability

Respect and openness to our clients

Eagerness for great challenges drives our innovation

leading innovation

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Mesa Computer Technologies LTD is in the business of Distribution service, Warranty of all Mesa branded products in the country, in line with the Information Communication Technology (ICT), policy set by the Government of the Republic of Zambia. Mesa has undertaken to provide facilities for individuals, institutions and organizations to acquire the necessary essential Information Technology skills.

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Mesa Computer Technologies LTD is in the business of Distribution service, Warranty of all Mesa branded products in the country, in line with the Information Communication Technology (ICT), policy set by the Government of the Republic of Zambia. Mesa has undertaken to provide facilities for individuals, institutions and organizations to acquire the necessary essential Information Technology skills.

To this end Mesa has undertaken to provide computers, servers, computer equipment, decoders and dishes, solar panels, Plasma TVs to the public and private institutions as well as universities/colleges on easy terms. This has allowed the less privileged to acquire these items under a HIRE PURCHASE SCHEME that allows the civil servants, students and those of fixed abode and traceable reference. Mesa Computer Technologies has been granted a deduction code by the Office of the President, Public Service Management Division and it acts on behalf of Mesa Computer Technologies LTD that allows for a recipient of our products to authorize from their gross pay before it is given to them.

Mesa recognizes that the rural community would greatly benefit from the facilities that are easily accessible in urban areas. To this end Mesa, has sources affordable solar panels that can be supplied to the rural communities at affordable rates and in easy terms. Mesa is committed to uplifting the livelihood of the people of Zambia in rural and urban areas. Mesa pays specific attention to the need for the quality education for all school going children in rural and urban areas, thus our commitment to supply computers at an affordable rate.

The company specializes in distributing, servicing and repairing or all Mesa products which include: persona computers, servers, laptops, N-computing, computer equipment for networking, decoders and dishes, Plasma TVs and solar panels,. Suffice to note that the solar panels are mainly for rural clients who use them to charge their note pads, house lighting; it is also used for generating power in order to watch Television and ironing clothes. It is worth noting that the demand for ICT products is very high and thus MCT has a lot of business potential for rapid growth since most of its products are affordable and targeting the low income group.

Mesa Computer Technology LTD is one of the three major ICT distributing companies in Zambia. It is the biggest distributor, with coverage of all the ten provinces, comprising of 116 districts. The company targets civil servants who include students of University and colleges, teachers, nurses and defense personnel. In addition, the company is also the sole supplier of all ICT related products to the mines which is the main stay of Zambian economy. The company has entered into agreement with the Zambian Government to distribute all its products to civil servants. The Government employees are allowed to buy the products on hire purchase and the monthly payments are deducted centrally through the payroll system by government on behalf of Mesa Computer Technologies Limited (MCT). The government then raises one single payment to Mesa Computer Technologies Limited account by means of electronic transfer on a monthly basis. This system is the best option as the incidence of default is minimized. It is important to note that MCT is the leading company among its competitors with such payment arrangement with the government. Given that there are an estimated 5.77 million employees in the public sector spread across the country and about 130,000 teachers of which 60 percent are in rural areas. Besides being the first company to set base in remote areas, it has established a customer loyalty with more clients expressing interest in products.

MCT is committed to uplifting the livelihoods of the rural community in Zambia evidenced by distribution of affordable products such as solar panels, satellite dishes and decoders. MCT has also set up computer laboratories in urban and rural schools there by increasing the user interface of its products. This has been done across user population who either have or have not access to electricity provided by means of national grid or privately generated other than solar.

Our marketing strategy will be based mainly on making the right product available to the target customer. We will make sure that our product prices take into consideration people’s budgets and level of knowledge. We envisage making people appreciate our products as they convey a sense of quality in every picture, promotion as well as applicability.

Information Technology Equipment


  • Computer systems units (i.e desk tops, laptops etc)
  • N-computing
  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • Printers
  • Network Servers (hardware and software)
  • Third party application software
  • LCD Plasma Televisions
  • Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS)
  • Free to air dishes and decoders
  • Suppliers of software
  • USB wireless servers
  • Mass storage devices
  • Ink Cartridges
  • Anti-virus etc

Continued Services

  • Computer networking
    • Warranty service center
    • Installation of satellite dishes
    • Cable (Ethernet) local area networking
    • Software installation
    • Computer hardware maintenance repairs
    • Wireless networking

Solar power systems supplies

  • Inverters and batteries
  • Solar panels


  • Installation of solar panels


Office Equipment Supplies

  • Printers
  • Scanners
    • Photocopiers
    • Routers

A board os Directors consisting of a chairperson and six board members governs the company. The managing Director who is also the Chief Executive Officer manages it and a compliment of five Mesa certified engineers and one technically qualified electrician, with experience in installation, maintenance  and implementation of computer networks and repair of electronic equipment.

Mesa Computer Technologies supplies its products to various civil servant in various government institutions around the country on a HIRE PURCHASE SCHEME (having been given deduction code by the government). Besides civil servants, the company has walk in customers and supplies to corporate customers listed below



Contact Number


Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC)

+260 211 251882


Natural Resources Development College (NRDC)

+260 211 283698


Mkushi District Corporative Union Limited

+260 215 362235


Copperbelt University



University of Zambia – Lusaka



Mukuba University  – Ndola



Mulungushi University – Kabwe



Robert Makasa University



Northern Technical University






leading innovation


Laptops to be delivered in 2023
Tablet delivery target
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Joshua Simuchimba

Project Manager

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What People Say About Us

Mesa Technologies' IT services are unbeatable. They were able to quickly solve all of the problems we were having with our network and provided excellent customer service throughout the process. Our team was thrilled with the speed and quality of the work they provided. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend their services to anyone looking for a reliable and cost-effective IT solution.
Nishi Asan
Marketing Manager
Mesa Technologies's IT services are second to none. Their team was extremely knowledgeable and worked hard to ensure our network was running optimally. They were also incredibly responsive and always willing to answer our questions. We are now able to enjoy improved performance and productivity thanks to their great work. I strongly recommend ChatSonic's IT services to anyone looking for a reliable and cost-effective solution.
Anna Biasi
Marketing Manager